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Do I have to wait the beginning of the quarter to change payroll providers?

No. We are able to convert your company to our payroll service at any time throughout the year, usually by the next pay period. All year end work will be completed by us, and your employees receive only one W2.

Sure your price seems low, but will you just raise it once you have our business?

No. Our published prices are guaranteed in writing for 5 years!

Is it time consuming to change payroll providers?

No. Provide us with a few documents and we do the rest.

What if I have a problem with my payroll?

You will have a dedicated payroll specialist to help you resolve any issues. If you need additional help, an owner of Dedicated Payroll is always available to solve your problems.

Is my information secure?

Absolutely! Through our partner, Thomson Reuters, all data is stored in the most secure location available a Class-IV, IBM certified data center, one of the 20 largest data centers in the world, featuring built in redundancy and 128-bit encryption.

Dedicated to our customers!